Sunday, November 6, 2016

T H R E E months old!

Henry Mills, you are T H R E E months old! Wow! The saying is true, time flies when you're having fun. We have so much fun with you! As much as I love a cuddly newborn, there is nothing sweeter than seeing your little personality come to life with each passing day!

I can hardly believe you're three months old, sweet boy! 

You are a growing baby boy! We didn't have a well check this month, but I weighed you, and you weigh 16.5 pounds. You gained 2.5 pounds in a month--wow!!

You're continuing to grow longer too. According to my measurements, you're 26 inches long now. You grew 1.75 inches in month, and you've grown 5 inches since you were born. I think it's safe to say that you're going to be built just like your daddy!

With all of the growing you've been doing, you are in size 6 month clothes now, and you're still in size 2 diapers.

You're still such a good little sleeper.  Since last month, you've transitioned to your crib for night time and naps. Your Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit arrived and I'm happy to report that it works like a charm. We've started using it during naps, as well as at night. Your naps are finally predictable thanks to that little sleep suit. You take 2 short morning naps, a long nap from 3-5, and a little 20-30 minute catnap around 6:30 while I finish up dinner.  We do bath, "bottle", bed at 8:00pm,  and then I dream feed you at 10:30.  You wake up anywhere from 5-6:00 and then go back down until 8:00am when I wake you up to feed you before I leave for work!

Speaking of are still eating well! You eat approximately every 3 hours, and we are still rocking this nursing thing. You take one 6oz bottle while Mommy is at work. If I had to guess, I'd say you are going to l.o.v.e baby food in a few months!

It's so fun to watch you grow and develop and learn what you like and dislike. You are truly the happiest baby. You love going on stroller rides and playing on your play mat. You get so excited watching the little birds circle around and you are getting great at batting the toys to make them move. You love laying on Mommy and Daddy's bed and watching the ceiling fan. You light up when Mommy, Daddy, and Chapman talk to you. You LOVE sitting up, so we got you a little Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, and you're so happy when you're in it. You do not like being held like a "baby".  Instead, you prefer to sit/be held upright. Overall, I can't really think of much that you don't like--you're so easy going!

In your short little life, you've already experienced your first hurricane {from afar, in Atlanta}. Thankfully it was {relatively} uneventful! While we were in Atlanta, you had your first trip to The Varsity, and you met the majority of your cousins on Daddy's side of the family. Mommy went back to work, so you've been adjusting to life with a sitter in the mornings, and of course you are perfect little angel for them!

Last, but not least, some of my favorite pictures from the month...