Sunday, December 30, 2012

The City That Never Sleeps

I have never been to New York City...scratch that, I had never been to NYC until about a week ago. Back in the summer the Smiths all got a wild hair and decided we wanted to go to New York over Christmas. And that is what we did. We all got on a plane on December 22nd and headed Northeast.  It was our Christmas gift from Britt's parents {a wonderful gift, I might add!} We rented a quaint little apartment on 56th and 2nd. We went to a show, to see the Rockette's, ate a lot of good food, and did A LOT of sightseeing! We had such a great time. We also took a ton of pictures!
It's so neat to be above the clouds! 
 The St. Regis
 Loved this window dislpay! 
 Cartier all lit up for Christmas
 Trying to capture the Saks the old-timey lights
 A little shopping at Saks! 
 Pretty lights! 
 We grabbed a drink on our way back to the apartment.
 Debbie and Al!
 Before dinner at Basso 56
 After dinner at Basso 56
 I thought this was classic and pretty! 
 We had breakfast at Carnegie Diner our second morning there...
 I ordered a side of bacon...and this is what we got! 
 These next few are my attempt to capture Times Square...
I liked the McDonald's pretty all lit up, ha! 
 The ball for NYE! 
 Me in Times Square! 
 A HUGE Barbie house in Toys R Us
 We visited the World Trade Center Site and Memorial
 Waiting in line with Kels! 
 One of the pools 
 Wall Street
 The New York Stock Exchange
 Pretty tree by the NY Stock Exchange 
 Way in the distance you can see the Statue of Liberty...she is closed due to Hurricane Sandy damage.
 Outside of the J.Crew men's store! 
 Before going to see the Book of Mormon on Broadway
Dinner after the show!
 Passing by Rockefeller! 
 Home Depot in NY was so different than ours! Where you might find lawn mowers in the South, they have snow machines! 
 The Plaza
 We had fun in here!! 
 Had to take a picture of the Leigh Middleton dolls; my sister and I got them every year for Christmas growing up! We had Corolle babies too!
 Life-size Lego figures! 
 Bergdorf Goodman...we got a neat Christmas ornament here! 
 Attempting to capture 5th Avenue!
 A teensy bit of Central Park! 
 About to see the Rockettes 
 It was Britt's birthday so he treated himself to a toddy! 
 A beautiful ending scene at the Rockettes! 
 After the show! 
 We did not attempt ice skating at the Rockefeller! 
 I love old department stores! 
 Macys! It was PACKED inside!
 For my favorite Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street! 
 Britt's B'day, about to open his gift from me!
 A new Bearing Shop print for our bar area...Whiskey Family Tree
 Heading to dinner at ABC Kitchen for Britt's birthday dinner! 
 The original family unit! 
 Happy Birthday dessert
 After dinner...trying to capture the pretty lights on the street corner!
 Merry Christmas from NYC! 
 We went to Greenwich Village on Christmas day to look around.
 So quaint! 
 Walt Disney lived here.
 A pretty courtyard...
 I was FREEZING this day! 
 Britt visited the NYU School of Law!
 Times Square at Night! 
 We went to see Zero Dark Thirty on Christmas night.
So fun to see inside the fire station! 
 Radio City at night! 
 In front of the Rockefeller tree on our last night there!
I told you we took a lot of pictures! We truly did have such an amazing time and I already cannot wait to go back! We are blessed! Check back for more exciting posts in the year 2013! Happy New Year!