Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Bums

It's what we have been for the past week! Last Wednesday we packed the car and headed down I-65 S and HWY 331 to Santa Rosa BEACH! We went to the beach over Memorial Day weekend, but a tropical storm rained on our parade {no pun intended!}. Before we left for this trip Tropical Storm Debby was headed for the Gulf Coast; thankfully, she passed before we arrived! The weather was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. the entire week. We soaked up the sun, sand, and salt water each day! Here are some pictures:

 I wrote our names in the's hard to see it though:(

Those girls would not put those books down! 

 Ashton and Claire's attempt to make a heart with the sun shining through...

We played Bocce Ball! 

This is what we looked like going to the beach every day! 

 My handsome hubby!

 There was a naked cowboy!

 A lot of people that were fishing caught baby sharks...this one of about 6...

We made LOTS of margaritas while at the beach! 

After our first day relaxing on the beach we were craving some good ol' fried seafood. We like The Crab Trap the best out of the "touristy" places to eat at the beach so we got ready and headed there to eat dinner. 

One night we cooked in-- we made fish tacos and a great strawberry banana salad along with mexican rice. 

We went to Stinky's Fish Camp one night and it was yummy to our tummies! Here is a photo shoot while waiting there:

We played games each night...we introduced everyone to Rummikub and a game called The Game of Things {it was a hi-larious game to say the least}! My mom also started teaching me to smock...I didn't learn a lot yet, but will keep practicing for when I have babies! 

 I must have been excited to learn! 

One of the days we were there we met up with some college friends who live in Destin. We hung out on the beach and rented a paddle board and kayak. I did not attempt paddle boarding because I know it would have been a disaster-- I did, however, kayak in the ocean! It was all fun and games until a big wave flipped us over...that was the end of my kayaking days! After the water sports were over we had lunch at Goatfeathers. It was so nice to visit with old friends. 

I'm not sure if you've heard or not, but there's this new movie out that's called Magic Mike-- well, on our last night my sister and Kasey and I hopped in the car and drove to RAVE to see what all the hype was about. We snuck Mickey D's into the theater in our purses for dinner {such rebels}! I really liked the movie...the eye candy was YUMMY and I liked the story as well. Oh yeah, did you know that being 25 allows you to buy rated R movie tickets for younger people?? I didn't until this night; Kasey forgot her ID in the car and since I was 25 I was allowed to buy her ticket...I guess being 25 is good for something! 

While we were enjoying watching half naked  men dance around on the big screen Britt was visiting with a law school friend. He went night fishing with his friend, Drew, who lives in Ft. Walton. Britt is not a big fisherman, but he had fun nonetheless. 

Tuesday we had to pack the car back up and head back north. I was NOT ready to leave the sun and sand behind! Before we got on the road we drove to Seaside to get Ashton and me a new t-shirt. I LOVE driving through all of the small beach towns along 30-A...I get to look and dream and wish of having a cute little beach house (or condo, or cardboard box, or anything on the beach) one day. We stopped for lunch at Sonic and I had the best chili-cheese-tots you could dream of while riding back from the beach! The ride was pleasant and I am actually kind of glad to be back in my own home, in my own bed, in my own routine again. 

Wednesday was America's birthday! How blessed we are to live in the land of the free! We  { I } celebrated by unpacking, doing laundry (well Britt helped with this), CLEANING, and cooking all day! My sweet hubby swept the stairs and took out the trash for me! After completing all of the aforementioned tasks, our friends joined us for dinner. Britt fired up the grill and cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs. We had Britt's mom's potato salad recipe and baked beans too--it was all delicious! Our friends just has a baby two weeks ago--our house was sweet James's first outing (besides going to the doctor)! He was so tiny and sweet. Here is what we look like with a sweet little baby...Pretty cute if you ask me! :)

We only have a couple of days left before Britt goes to Atlanta to work for the rest of the summer...I will join him there after my Math AMSTI training next week. 

We will check back later-- j&b