Monday, January 19, 2015

Chronicles of Christmas 2015: Part II

December 24th has a double meaning in our house. We celebrate the obvious--Christmas Eve. But we also get to celebrate the birth of our favorite husband/daddy! Britt was born about an hour and a half shy of Christmas Day, so his birthday gets thrown in with all of the Christmas hoop-la. We try our best to make him feel special, and not forgotten, in the midst of such a busy holiday season! Y'all know I love to plan parties, so Britt's birthday is no exception. We threw a mini birthday party {just the three of us} the morning of Christmas Eve. Chapman kindly helped Britt open his gift, then we had baked grits and sausage balls for breakfast! 

After breakfast I made Britt's Mama Gran's red velvet cake recipe and made icing for Santa's cookies. I got to put my cute new Christmas apron to use, too.
I think I did alright! 
Chapman helped Daddy blow out his candles! 

After Happy Birthday and cake, Chapman opened his Christmas Eve presents from Mommy and Daddy. Growing up, my mom and dad always let us open a couple of gifts, so I wanted to continue the same tradition for my kids. Incase you're wondering what was in those packages, Chap got his Christmas Eve jammies and a new copy of The Night Before Christmas. My intention is to collect a new version of the poem/story each year. 
I believe opening presents is Chapman's new favorite thing to do! 

We read The Christmas Story from Chapman's children's bible and talked about the nativity. 

I've always had fun making Reindeer Food with my kids at school, so this year I decided to make it with Chapman. He had quite a ball sprinkling the food on our lawn! 

Last, but not least, we left our cookies for Santa by the fireplace! Chapman showed tremendous self control as to not eat the cookies while I did a mini photo shoot!
If he's not sweet, I don't know what is! 

Christmas Eve bedtime story! 

Once Chapman went to sleep, Santa was able to come--it looks like he was a good boy this year! 

All of this build up leads to one of the most exciting days of the year...Christmas! Chap was so excited to play in his ball pit. {Santa thought 150 balls was more than it actually least Chapman was none the wiser that his ball pit was virtually empty...oops!}
What lover of MMCH wouldn't love a MMCH microphone that plays all of the show's songs?!
He was pretty excited about his new remote control!
This little Playskool Poppin' Pals toy is one of his favorite toys at school, so Santa had to get him one for home.  
Weeeeee, a slide! 
Checking out his stocking goodies...
Leftover Santa cookies for breakfast...why not?!
Just kidding...he had Christmas tree pancakes for breakfast! 

After playing with his new toys and breakfast, we drove to Atlanta to begin our Christmas "tour" with our families. 
That's all for Part II of our Christmas adventures. Part III will come shortly! Thanks for reading :)