Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Henry Mills is Two Months Old!

Henry Mills, you are T W O months old! We continue to fall in love with you each passing day. You still have the sweetest disposition, and it's so much fun watching your little personality blossom. You have a smile that will probably get you anything you want in life!

I can hardly believe you're already two months old! 

Weight: You certainly have no problem gaining weight! We went to the doctor for your 2 month check up yesterday and you weigh 13 pounds 15 ounces (75th percentile). You my dear, like mama's milk, and it likes you too!

Length: You're also growing like a little weed lenght-wise. You've grown 3 1/4 inches since you were born. You're 24 1/14 inches long (90th percentile)'re making your daddy proud with these stats!

Clothes: You still mainly wear all of your little gowns (my favorite!), but I recently had to pull out some bigger sleepers because you are in size 3-6 months in hoo! You've also moved to a size 2 in diapers...stop growing so fast!

Sleep: You're a rockstar sleeper! Beginning at 7 weeks you started sleeping through the night--what a welcomed treat! We dream feed you around 10:30 when we go to bed, and you sleep until at least 5:00--sometimes you sleep until 6 or 7 o'clock. You always go right back to sleep for 2-3 hours after that first morning feeding. You still sleep in your bouncy seat (I know, that's supposed to be a no-no, but you do what you have to to get sleep!), but a Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit is currently on the way so that we can transition you to your crib! Naps are anywhere from an hour to almost 3 hours. You seem to take your best nap in the afternoon from 2:00 to almost 5:00. My favorite part of naps is rocking you to sleep! You still nap in your Mamaroo--we will visit napping in the crib at a later date...

Eating: Clearly you still love to eat. You eat every 2.5-3 hours, and I'm still proud to say that we are exclusively nursing! {Such a big deal for Mommy!} You take a bottle great when needed, though.

What you like/dislike: You still love playing on your play mat and being on your changing table. I get the best smiles and biggest happy kicks when you're on your changing table! You like when Mommy reads to you and rocks you. You like bathtime, but you still HATE getting out of the bath and getting your jammies on. It's literally the only time you truly cry during the day--you'd think someone was hurting you the way you scream. You've recently found a love for your blankie and paci, and I'm so glad because I love me a paci baby! When you get tired I snuggle you up with your blankie right beside your head and pop that paci in your mouth and you're out within minutes of me rocking you!

Accomplishments: You've changed so much in the past month. You smile ALL THE TIME now. You laugh too, and it's so sweet! My favorite is when you stop eating to look up at me and smile--it's heart melting! You rolled over a few times during tummy time, but it's not an every time occurrence yet.

Firsts: You had your first party to honor you! Mommy's sweet co-workers threw a Sip-n-See shower for you. You were a perfect little angel the whole night. You were passed around and loved on by everyone and you never made the first peep. You also had your first baby sitter that wasn't family. Ms. Stacey babysat you and your brother while Mommy and Daddy went to a business function for Daddy. You were great for her! We took you on your first road trip to Atlanta and Birmingham, too. You were the best traveler. You got to see/meet all of our family and a few friends too. We sure wish we lived closer to everyone!

Last, but not least, some of my favorite pictures from the month...