Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break and 18 weeks!

We have been busy lately {what's new?}...First off, I turned 26. What? How is that possible? I am pretty sure I am 16 years old and still in high school. Not 26, married, with a baby on the way. When do you ever officially feel like a grown up? My birthday was great despite feeling like I'm getting old! On Friday before my actual birthday my room moms brought Zoe's for lunch {a giant piece of chocolate cake included}. Some of the moms went in and bought me a precious bracelet from Festivity, too. I have the most thoughtful parents!  After the school bell rang at 3:00 on Friday I was officially on Spring Break!  Britt was on his {last} Spring Break too! Last year we went to D.C. for spring break. This year we decided to stay home and "relax". Let's be real-- the real reason we didn't go on a fun trip is because we have this sweet baby on the way! 

 We kicked off Spring Break by eating at Iron City, a new restaurant/music venue downtown. We are excited to see Birmingham growing. After dinner we we to Lowe's and stocked up on supplies to work on Baby S's nursery. It may have been the worst home improvement store visit we have ever had...I am convinced they put the newbies on night shift! Anyway, we got what we needed {finally} and went home drove to McDonald's to get a McFluury.
 Happy Birthday to me! Britt's parents drove to Birmingham early Saturday morning to help us in the nursery. I got some serious sausage gravy biscuits for breakfast. What the birthday girl wants, she gets!
 While the boys worked hard painting the nursery Debbie and I got a pedicure and shopped around Homewood for the day. Let me just say, shopping is not so much fun when you're pregnant. At least not when shopping for clothes. I was trying to find a cute dress to wear for dinner. It's disheartening to know you are able to wear everything you try on, but that it will soon be too tight. I found the most "roomy" dress I could and bought it! I also found a really cute flowy top that I am sure to be able to wear through the whole pregnancy. After shopping for me we went to Once Upon a Time and found these really sweet sleep sacks for Baby S--a much more fun shopping experience! I am also ecstatic because this store has our baby bed. I had not seen it in person until Debbie and I ventured in. The bed is beautiful {I'm not biased or anything}. I cannot wait to order it soon!
 We got the Auburn sleeper in newborn so the baby can wear it all through football season.
 We got the little bunny sleeper in premie so it can wear it right away...the lady at the store swears by having a few premie clothes just incase the baby is itty bitty :)

After a day of shopping for the girls and a day of hard work {painting} for the boys, we got ready for dinner to celebrate my b'day. I love this guy!

 Birthday baby bump...almost 17 weeks. 

We had dinner at Ollie Irene--one of our new favorite places. If you live in Birmingham, you should try it out. Seriously. The bartender made a mocktail for me.

 Sunday before Debbie and Al had to drive back to Atlanta Britt and Al hung the shade in the nursery.
 This is all you get right now. I'll do a post dedicated to the nursery when it's all done! The walls are light, light blue {bashful is the actual color name}. The curtains are blue silk taffeta. They used to be in my room growing up {in high school} saved us a ton of money to use them instead of buying or having new ones made. And they are beautiful!
We also experimented with chalk paint for the first time. Britt almost had a heart attack at the cost, but we are both very pleased with the results. This little side table used to be in Britt's parents' den in Atlanta. Then it was his bedside table. Now it is a side table in the nursery! 
Check out the sweet frames Baby S has so far. 
I tell him/her that we love him/her to the moon and back. This frame was only appropriate. 
No explanation needed here. It was seriously love at first sight on January 11th--the first time we saw our miracle from God. 
Debbie brought this...LOVE.
Okay, I lied a little. Here is one more sneak peek of the baby's room. We won this shelf at an auction at my school. It was gray, but that didn't match the nursery. We bought a sample of paint at Lowe's for $2.98 and here you go-- I love how it turned out! 

We went to Atlanta for the second half of the week. Our main reason for going was to paint this dresser and bring it back to Birmingham.
Pre-paint job.
 After. We used chalk paint for this project, too. 
The finished product. We spray painted the handles with spray paint we already had. We love the new look. 
While we were in Atlanta we decided to go to Babies 'R' Us and start a registry for Baby S. It was so much fun! A little overwhelming too.
 We drove to Auburn for a dear friend's wedding on Saturday. Lora and Sonny got married at Auburn First Baptist Church and everything was so pretty!

 Catching up with my high school bestie and freshman year roommate! 
 The beautiful bride and myself!
Lora getting ready to toss the bouquet. If you only knew Lora! 
 Casey didn't catch the bouquet, but Brian caught the garter...they're next!! 
My sister already loves on Baby S!
My hubby! :)
Sunday morning we woke up and I looked out the hotel window and this is what I saw. A beautiful view of Samford Hall. We stopped at Big Blue Bagel for breakfast on our way out of town. When we left I caught a glimpse of our poor oak trees. I can't believe they are about to be gone in a few short weeks. 
You can see the remnants of the beautiful oaks in the picture. 

Before we knew it, it was Monday again and time to go back to work and school. If I can make it 8 more weeks it'll be summer break and I'll be good to go! Speaking of Monday....I was 18 weeks on Monday. CRAZY. Here's an update on Baby S and myself...
 How far along? 18 weeks.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a sweet potato{or a bell pepper, depending on which website you read}...about 5.5 inches long and 7 ounces.

Weight gain: I'm finding it harder to broach this subject. I'd say about 7 pounds. Spring break did me in because all we did was EAT. I am still happy with my weigh gain, but it is getting harder and harder to watch the scale creep up. I never thought it would bother me, but it does! Oh well!

Stretch marks: Thank heavens, that's still a no. I still use cocoa butter, though.

Gender:  We are still planning on being surprised! We will all know on or around August 26th!

Movement: YES! I felt the first movement on the Tuesday morning of spring break. Britt was talking to the baby and all the sudden I felt a tiny little kick inside my belly. It literally feels like someone is flicking the inside of your belly! It kicked about 3 times. I wasn't sure if it was really the baby so I texted my mom, my friend, and Britt's mom's friend to ask how it feels. When I described it to them they all said it was the baby for sure! I have been feeling it more frequently over the past's the neatest feeling in the world! I want to feel it all day long...I am sure I will feel differently in several months!

Sleep: Still good in the department {aside from the usual potty break}.

Food cravings: Nothing new here, either. Red meat may possibly be my craving. We eat it a lot lately. I'm sure we will have heart attacks soon after the baby is born due to all the red meat we have been consuming!

Symptoms: Just a growing belly. Nothing else crazy. However, it is weird when everyone at work keeps coming up to me telling me that I am starting to show...I'm not sure how I feel about it! I feel like I'm at the in between stage where I don't really look pregnant, just like I ate a few too many cheeseburgers or drank a few too many beers!

Belly button: Still in.

Wedding rings: Still on.

Maternity clothes: I am still in my regular clothes! My pants are starting to get tighter, though. I bought three pairs of cute maternity shorts at Gap over spring break. I decided that if I didn't go ahead and get them they will probably all be gone when I need them this summer.

Best moment of the week: Being on spring break and hanging out with Britt all week. I have to cherish our breaks together because they will be over come August!

Check back soon. -Jess and Britt