Monday, November 4, 2013

Chapman Turns Two Months Old

Time is certainly not slowing down any around here. Chapman, you are TWO months old! It has gone by so fast, but it also seems like you have been with us forever. It's hard to remember what life was like before you. We continue to watch in awe as you grow and learn each day.
Weight: You weight 12 pounds 9 ounces! You gained 2 pounds 6 ounces since your one month checkup.
Length: You've grown a whole inch in a month! You are now 22 3/4 inches long.
Clothes: Little boy, you are wearing size 3 month clothes!
Sleep: You are slowly really getting the hang of sleeping. You are figuring out your days and nights, and Mommy and Daddy love that! You've started sleeping from 11:00 to at least 4:00 most nights. One night you slept until 5:15...we want more of those nights! We attribute your sleeping later to the formula bottle we give you at your 11:00 feeding. You are exclusively sleeping in your crib, too {we sent your bassinet to be stored in DeDe and Grandy's basement}.  Speaking of sleeping in your crib, you have some weird sleeping positions when you're in there. You still sleep all swaddled up--miracle blanket and swaddle sleep sack. And of course you sleep on your back. BUT when we put you in your crib, you somehow manage to wiggle your way either a) all the way to the side of your crib, or b) in a circle until you are laying sideways in bed. We honestly have no idea how you do this. It's almost as if you are doing the worm lying on your back!
Eating: You're eating 4 ounces at each feeding.  The doctor told us we can start offering you 5 ounces so we will do just that! We still try to feed you every three hours, but sometimes you are hungry sooner, and that is okay! We are still using Dr. Brown's bottles to avoid any tummy troubles. Hopefully as you get older we can switch back to the Avent bottles {they have WAY less parts to wash!}.
What he loves: Sweet baby, you still love most of the same things. You love your play time on your mat, bath time, going outside, and laying on your changing pad {we haven't figured out what's so great about the changing pad yet...}. You also love your new Mamaroo! You enjoy it when you're awake and it helps you take LONG naps! You finally let Mommy and Daddy cradle you like a baby instead of having to be up on our shoulder at all times, and you let Mommy rock you now {you used to hate it}. You also like stroller rides more than you used to. Mommy is thankful for that!
Accomplishments: You are changing and learning every day. You smile at Mommy and Daddy when it's awake/play time. You try to roll over--you've made it on to your side several times. Tummy time is getting better for you. You talk all the time when you're playing. I love hearing your coos.
Firsts: You went on your first road trip to Birmingham this month! You also had your first Halloween! We went to DeDe and Grandy's to trick-or-treat and eat chili. Just today you had your first round of shots at the doctor.  You were a champ; you only cried for a few seconds when the nurse stuck you. You stopped crying immediately after she was finished--such a big boy!

And here are "a couple" of my favorite pictures from the month! Every time I look at these pictures my heart melts all over again.
Here you are at your 2 month check up! 
First, they weighed you!
Then, measured your head and length.
 You had to get naked for the doctor to check you! 
We love you baby boy! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chapman Goes to Birmingham

October seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye.  At the beginning of the month we took Chapman on his first road trip to Birmingham to visit with family and friends who had not met him yet. Let me tell you--traveling with a new baby is not to be taken lightly. There is no more waiting until the day you are leaving to pack. You have to take SO much stuff with, er, something for the baby to sleep in {pack-n-play, bassinet, etc.}, a bouncer, the stroller, the baby bathtub, bath towels and wash cloths, shampoo and soap, bottles, diapers and wipes, pajamas, clothes {and changes of clothes}, bibs, burp cloths, swaddle sleep sacks, blankets, toys...I'm sure I'm forgetting something. After you finish packing for the baby you sit back and wonder how in the world such a tiny person can possibly need so much stuff, but they do...Chapman had 3 bags just for him! Then you have to pack all of that stuff in the car. It's a good thing we have an SUV. I'm not sure everything would have fit in my little Accord.
Britt's Tahoe was packed to the max.
 Chapman was asleep before we hit the road.
After we finally got everything packed and ready to go, we hit the road to Birmingham. Chapman did great--he loves riding in the car {as long as it is moving}. We stopped once so I could hop in the back and feed him. The usual 2 and a half our drive only took us 3 hours...not too bad for the first time with a baby in tow!
We got to see so many family and friends while we were in Birmingham. It was so exciting for everyone to meet our sweet Chapman--I just hated that it took an entire month for everyone to get to meet him. The first place we took Chapman when we arrived was to meet his Uncle George and see his Big Daddy. Aunt Ashton came in town from Auburn to see Chapman, so after seeing Big Daddy and Uncle George we took him to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Cozumel Grill. It was fun to take him to a place I grew up going on a weekly basis. That night Chapman got to meet my great Aunt Lola, my mom's cousin and her daughter, and my Aunt Nell. My Nanny came and got some Chapman time too.
Loving on Aunt Ashton!
Chapman's first trip to Cozumel! 
Friday was a busy day for us. We left the house at 10:00 am and did not return until 11:30 pm. Talk about being tired. I had not been that tired since the first week Chapman was born. We started our morning going to visit with one of my childhood friends, Ashley, and her new baby Mae Marie. After we visited with Ashely and Mae we took Chapman to meet my Poppy. Then we drove by our old home in Birmingham--I got a little sad when we drove by Canterbury Gardens. After that we got to visit with a college friend, Whitney, and her new baby, Harrison. From there we went to our friends, Whitney and Brett's house for dinner. It was so fun to catch up with Whitney and Brett. We had not seen them since May, and their little boy, James Fleet has gotten so big! We miss them so much and cannot wait to see them again. I was really worried that Chapman would not handle being gone all day very well, but he did great!
Sweet Mae Marie was born 3 and half weeks after Chapman.
We swapped babies! Chapman was not excited about taking pictures. 
Sweet friends!
Family photo :)
So happy my Poppy got to meet Chapman. Hewas asleep the  whole time!
We loved catching up with the Carrs!
Clearly Chapman does not like taking pictures...
Saturday we slowed it down a bit. We met my mom and Jamie at Ragtime {another favorite restaurant}for lunch. After lunch we met my Nana and Dada at Starbucks so they could meet Chapman. I always love visiting with my Nana. We thought about trying out a new restaurant in Birmingham for dinner, but we decided against it because we were so tired. Instead of going out to dinner we ordered a pizza and watched the Ole Miss game. My mom kept Chapman for us. It was weird not to have a baby to take care of for the night!
Taking everything in at Ragtime.
Passed out at lunch--what a rough life! 
Oooh, how I have missed this fried chicken salad and basket of fries.
Chapman getting some Nana love! 
This baby was pooped after such a long day!
Sunday we packed e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. up and headed back to Atlanta. On the way back we stopped in Anniston to have lunch with my daddy and Uncle Brooks. It breaks my heart that my family does not get to see Chapman on a regular basis, but we are thankful that Britt's family is near and does get to see him often. I do not know how people are able to live away from both sides of their families!
Getting ready to leave Birmingham.
We stopped to see Nanny one more time before we left.
Birmingham, we will see you again in November!