Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Shenanigans...Checking Off Our Summer Bucket List One Thing at a Time

At the beginning of the summer we created a summer bucket list, and imagine this--summer seems like it's almost over! We still have several items to check off of our bucket list, so we have been busy the last few days knocking some of them out. 

Last week Chapman and I took a day trip to Auburn to see my brother and sister. 
We also visited with Mrs. Candy! I'm so glad she finally got to meet Chapman. I met Candy in the fall of 2008 when I completed my internship in Auburn. She taught me so much about being an educator. Her experience and advice was invaluable to my new teaching career! We became co-workers in 2009, and now she's a life-long friend. 
After lunch we took Chapman downtown. Britt and I needed new Auburn decals for our cars so we went to J&M. I got Chapman his very first football while we were there!
We got caught in the rain...good thing there are lots of awnings downtown! 
Oh, how I love these two! 
After the rain stopped we went to Samford for a "photo shoot". 

A boy and his football.
He found a stick to play with--he's all boy.
He was asleep before we could even make it to the interstate! 
Friday morning Britt had his swearing-in ceremony to officially be able to practice law in the state of Georgia. We had a breakfast date at Chick-fil-A before heading downtown to the courthouse for the ceremony. 
Britt worked for Judge Shoob one summer during law school, so she swore him in {is that the correct way to say that?!}
Britt's parents came to the ceremony, too. 
Family photo-op! 
The Varsity was not on our summer bucket list, but it should have been! After the ceremony, we took Chapman on his first trip there for lunch. If you're ever in Atlanta, you should go--it's an Atlanta tradition! The hot dogs are de-lish!
This silly boy did not like his hat very much!
Chap's grilled cheese wasn't half bad!
The zoo was on our bucket list, and now we can check it off. Britt's parents went with us for Chapman's first trip to the zoo. I grew up going to the Birmingham zoo so it was fun to visit Zoo Atlanta for a change.
We took a zoo selfie! 
The elephant was loving his bath! 
Chapman loved looking at the pretty birds. 
Giraffe watching with Grandy. 
Mr. Lion would not wake up from his nap. 
The gorillas were his favorite...probably because they were the most active animals there!
Chapman and Grandy. 
We watched the gorillas get fed. The poor babies couldn't catch any food to save their lives! 
It rained for about 30 minutes while we were at the zoo, so that was the perfect opportunity to visit the reptile house. Britt was in charge of showing Chapman the snakes--I don't do snakes. I stuck to looking at the iguanas and lizards!
We thought these birds were pretty. 
They're kind of hard to see, but the kangaroos were neat to watch hop around. I never knew that they used their tails to help them balance/hop until this trip to the zoo. As the saying goes, you learn something new everyday.

The zoo wore him OUT! 
Daddy bought this silly bib for Chapman as a souvenir from his first trip to the zoo. He really is a messy little monkey! 
Saturday night we celebrated the engagement of one of Britt's high school friends. It's nice to get dressed up and go out!
Since the spring we have been saying we were going to go on a picnic. As usual, time slipped away, and it turned to summer and we still had not gone on our picnic. If you're familiar with southern summers, you know they are HOT, so we decided to wait until the fall to go on a picnic. But thanks to some out-of-character pleasant summer weather we have been having we spontaneously went on a picnic at Piedmont Park last Sunday.
We packed a sandwich for Chapman and picked up some fried chicken and sides from Publix.
So  much for eating off of a plate! 
These two have so much fun together.
Between a trip to Birmingham and one last beach trip, we don't have much time left before it's back to preschool for Chapman and me. Hopefully we can check off a Braves game and popsicles before summer comes to a close!