Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of Summer in Atlanta

I just realized that it's been a month since I last blogged! You may want to grab a snack for this read--it's kind of long!  

Britt and I have been in Atlanta while he completes his internship. We have been enjoying our time with Debbie, Al, and Kelsey! We have not done anything over-the-top exciting while we have been here, but we did a few things worthy of being mentioned! When I got to Atlanta Debbie left for the beach for a week. She left me in charge of watching after the men. I cooked for them A LOT while she was away. A big thanks to Pinterest for all of the great new recipes I tried out {my waistline is not so thankful, though}!

I love relaxing on the Smiths' screened-in-porch.

Before Debbie left for the beach we had dinner at the Buckhead Diner. 

We can't go there without ordering the blue cheese chips! 

And begins my cooking extravaganza...

Goat Cheese Rosemary Mac and Cheese

Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Potato "Chips"

Pork Tenderloin and a Grilled Peach Salad {this was a repeat offender!} 

Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad

Philly Cheese Sloppy Joes and Butter Garlic Oven Fries

I had a craving for brownies for about 3 days. When I finally decided to make them I got a wild hair and the brownies and icing from scratch. I may never make "boxed" brownies again after having them homemade!

 A strawberry, banana, peanut butter wrap. A nice change for lunch! 

Other than cooking I have managed to stay busy one way or another...

I began the Fifty Shades Trilogy {I am currently on Fifty Shades Freed} and I love it! 

I spent several days at the pool...

I made myself a quick buck by babysitting this cute little girl:)

I went shopping...and I found this cute dress for gameday!

I got new powder--this is what excites me, sad, I know! 

I also purchased a few pairs of cute colored jeans for Fall! Now that my summer vacation is over I am ready for Fall and all that it offers--cute clothes in warm colors, football season, fun holidays, good food, and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks! 

Britt set up a golf date with his Granddaddy so we went to the driving range for him to practice. I took a few practice swings too!

This is Britt napping after his golf game...he was exhausted.

I babysat Martha and Frannie...took Martha for fro-yo since we didn't get to go to the pool:)

Of course we couldn't come to Atlanta and not get sushi from Genki...

Us at Genki:)

Poor Britt--he left work one day to find his window like this...

He parks in a parking deck for work and someone tried to break into his car. They shattered the window, but didn't actually succeed in getting in the car or stealing anything, thankfully. 

So, Britt probably need a stiff drink after that! This is a new recipe Britt found that uses a special kind of rum {spelled RHUM} and a simple syrup with lime. I did not like it at all.

We have loved Izzy cuddling time:)

On one of Britt's days off we went to the food trucks located on Howell Mill Rd...we chose the Sandwich Buddah!

Our sandwiches were delish. 

After lunch we got popsicles...they were so refreshing! Mine was a raspberry lime flavor and Britt had and Arnold Palmer. 

Atlanta has this great wine store called Total Wine--the prices are GREAT so after lunch at the food trucks we went there and stocked up! We are trying to branch out from our normal "Two Buck Chuck" wine that Trader Joe's sells! We shall see if any of these wines hit the spot for us. 

About a week ago we took a short trip back to B'ham so I could work in my classroom for a little bit...I am happy to report that I am about 90% ready for school to begin on August 20th. I lack organizing a few small group reading games, unpacking our new math series, and making my copies! 

This tree will get some "greenery" when I get back to B'ham...

I'm still looking for a small shelf to put my puzzles and legos on....possibly going to make a "milk crate" shelf.


Closet #1 organized!

Finally organized all of my construction paper! Such a feeling of accomplishment:)

I also got crafty and made a couple of really cute fabric owls and a burlap pencil to hang outside my classroom!

After I worked in my room all day last Friday and Saturday morning we got back in the car and hopped on I-20 E to go back to Atlanta.

{While we were in Birmingham the Olympics began. We have spent every night since then in front of the television cheering for USA!}

[Back in Atlanta] We have been dying to try out this place called Holeman and Finch. Word on the street is they have THE best burger in town. Here's the catch--you can either go there at 10:00 at night {they make 24 burgers and when they are gone, they are gone!} or go at 11:00 on Sunday morning--we chose to go on a Sunday morning. I kid you not when I say that was the best damn burger I have ever eaten! We got some pimento cheese {of course} to start with. 

And are you ready???

Here it is, folks, the best burger in town! 
And I ate and didn't even feel one ounce of remorse! That's how good it was.

I got to make some more moo-la for myself by taking Fran and Martha to the those sweet girls are when we were headed home from swimming:) As I asked them to smile for me Martha said "you sure do take a lot of pictures". Yep, I sure do! I love having picture to remember EVERYTHING! 

And after the pool Britt and I went to dinner and a concert. 
If you know Britt, you know that he LOVES moe. and the Allman Brothers. They played a show together at Chastain Park. You guessed it--that's the concert we went to!  

Before the concert we went to another one of our favorite Atlanta restaurants...Tin Lizzys. A pitcher of margaritas and a half skillet always makes this girl happy:)

At the concert!

Britt's cousin, Becky had a baby back in May. We had yet to meet Grace until this week. Britt, Kelsey, and I visited with Becky and Grace at Newk's for lunch. I LOVED getting to hold Grace! Look at the precious face:) Sorta, kinda gave me the itch for a sweet little baby...but then it was over in an instant! I shall take my time and enjoy myself for a couple more years...until then all of these little baby cousins will have to suffice!

Kelsey enjoyed meeting Grace, too! Look at that smile:)

After lunch with Becky and Grace, Britt and I went grocery shopping--you see, his Grandmommy and Granddaddy requested that I cook a meal for them! So here it is....

Panko Crusted Baked Chicken Strips 
{with an apricot dijon dipping sauce}, Four Cheese Skillet Rigatoni, and Sesame Bacon Wrapped Asparagus...delicious! 

For dessert, Orange Cream Dessert Squares!

I am not sure if the mac and cheese was good or not??

Britt had Fridays off and since it was my last Friday in Atlanta we grabbed lunch at a {relatively} new place in town. We went to Ringside Franks and Shakes on Roswell Rd. Britt had heard they have really good hot dogs so we decided to try it out. I'm glad we did--I got a chili pimento cheese dog and Britt got a chili dog and a polish sausage dog. I'd definitely go back there! 

In looking for something fun to do on Saturday we decided to visit the wine country--the North Georgia Wine Country, that is!! I mean, if we couldn't go to Napa Valley or Italy this was the next best thing, right?!? Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures from our day--

Beautiful view when we arrived at the first winery {Three Sisters Vineyards}

Funny flip flops that were for sale at Three Sisters Vineyards!

 Love this boy so much:)


Staying dry! 

Britt and Kelsey trying to stay dry in the POURING rain!  

Next, we went to Frogtown Winery and had lunch.

 A good Georgia wine...Thirteenth Colony, a vidal blanc.

Our paninis were delicious! I had the King George.

This little buddy kept us company at lunch. We decided to call him Bell because he had a bell on his collar, but did not have a name on his tag!

Britt and me outside at Frogtown...pretty view.

After Frogtown we drove down the road to Blackstock Winery.

And last, we visited Wolf Mountain Vineyards

We found this cute little truck walking up to the winery:)

Kels and I enjoyed wine tasting today!  

Can't have wine without cheese. 

Tasting wine at Wolf Mountain Vineyards:)

Pretty flowers outside on the patio at Wolf Mountain 

We were all craving a Diet Coke after  tasting so much we pulled in to Dairy Queen...and ended up ordering ice cream instead! Never knew they make mini blizzards, but they do! Butterfinger Blizzards are my fave!

Our purchases for the day

And now, sadly, it is time for me to pack my belongings and head back west to Birmingham. I thoroughly enjoyed staying with the in-laws for 3 weeks {how many girls can say that?}! I have Monday and Tuesday off and then it's back to the grind stone bright and early Wednesday morning. Blah. I plan to spend Monday and Tuesday at the pool--if the rain stays away, reading, running, and cleaning our house after not being there for 3 weeks. 

If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations! That was a lot to read. Thanks for taking interest {maybe, kind of} in our boring, yet {we think}extraordinary life:)

Much love, j and b