Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lordy Mercy, Chapman is Seven Months Old!

If I could freeze time right now, I would. You are so fun right now! Your little personality keeps getting bigger every day. We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, but I took your measurements the best I could. According to our scale you weigh 18lbs. 12oz. {55th percentile}, and you are 28 inches long {75th percentile}.
Sleep--You've now moved your bedtime to between 6:45 and 7:00pm, and you wake up around 6:30am. Sometimes you wake up a little earlier and I let you come in bed with Mommy and Daddy. We snuggle and you usually fall back asleep. You've finally gotten your naps down...I hope it stays that way. You go down for a morning nap at 9:00 and your afternoon nap is at 2:00. You sleep right over an hour at both naps. You don't fuss anymore when we put you down for a nap, either. It took seven months and lots of crying-it-out, but you fall asleep so easily now!
You're moving on up in the food world; you are now eating Stage 2 baby food. There is a lot more variety, which makes planning your meals so much easier. You love any of the foods that are mixed with sweet potatoes, and you also love all of the fruit mixtures. The mac and cheese blend is also a favorite! I think I am going to give homemade baby food a try next week. I know it will be so much healthier for you. I feel guilty knowing I haven't done homemade baby food just because Gerber is more convenient. I did whip up some avocado last week, but you weren't a fan. Hopefully you will like my other creations! You are still figuring out the sippy cup. You know what to do with it, but it's hard for you to get the water to come out. With a little more practice, I know you will master it.
Thank goodness the never-ending winter is finally over. You are now wearing your 12 month spring and summer clothes. There are some things you need to grow into over the next month or two, but for the most part you can wear everything. I've slowly packed away all of your 6 month pajamas. Now you are in 9 or 9-12 months pjs. You're still in size 3 diapers...I find it odd that the weight range is so broad for size 3. Speaking of diapers, we hopped on the Target diaper train. I won't lie, I was a diaper snob until about 2 weeks ago. I loved Pampers, but when we ran out of diapers from our showers I realized how expensive diapers are. Everyone I know swears by Target diapers, so we gave them a try. They seem to be great so far, and they are SO MUCH cheaper!

It seems like every day you are doing something new. My favorite thing you've started doing this month is saying mama! I know you are not associating the ma-ma sound you are making with my name, but it is still sweet to hear. You say it over and over, and it's the cutest thing. You also say baba a lot these days. Daddy wants you to say da-da, so we are working on that sound! You just talk up a storm all day long, and I love it. You laugh so hard at your daddy. It melts my heart to see you two interact and the way your eyes light up at the site of him. You are becoming more interested in rolling from your back to your tummy, but it's still not something you automatically do when you are on your back. You have become obsessed with Mommy and Daddy's cell phones and the remote control. Any time one our cell phones lights up, you see it and immediately drop what you're doing and grab the phone. If you're sitting in our lap and see the remote you grab it too. We finally got smart and gave you your own remote that we don't ever use! You still love to sit and play with your toys and jump in your jumparoo. You don't seem to have much interest in crawling yet, and I'm perfectly okay with it!
You've started sitting in your stroller like a big boy! Very rarely do I attach your car seat to the stroller anymore. You love being able to see everything and look all around while you're riding facing forward--and you fall asleep a lot too!
You must have just discovered your tongue, because your new favorite thing to do is stick your tongue out when you laugh! It's the cutest thing ever.
This past month you began going to the nursery at the preschool. Your teachers are Ms. Diane and Ms. Theresa; they love on you all morning long! However, you still don't like going to school very much. I know you will get used to it over time though. You also started going to baby gym class at My Gym. You have so much watching the other babies and exploring everything around you. While we are there, we sing songs, play in the ball pit, swing in the swings, have independent play, and much more. Your teachers are impressed by your core strength!

...and because I just can't choose a few cute pictures...
My best shopping buddy! 
So, so silly!
Crazy hair! 
Watching a little Lynyrd Skynyrd 
Your firs teenage babysitters--Ella and Sophie!