Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Days!

Well,  it has been a great week! I only had to go to school for two day this week! After leaving school on Tuesday I hopped on I-85 and drove to Atlanta. I enjoyed my time there with Britt, Kelsey, Debbie, and Al before the extended family got there. Wednesday night Britt, Al, and I went to the Thrasher's game. We had great seats thanks to Al and we had a great time! Later that night we had the pleasure of going out with Kels, Rebecca, Steven, and John...while at the bar we got to hang out with Travis from Cougar Town! How Fun! 

The next day, Thanksgiving, I got to spend time with Britt's extended family... I LOVE spending time with the Smith/Jaros/Way/Everette/Grassmeyer clan...we ate lunch and gabbed, then after lunch, Britt and I hopped in our cars and headed east on I-20 to Birmingham to eat dinner with my momma! It was De-licious! I ate WAY too much at dinner with Momma! Britt and I retired early due to too much turkey! 

Today I got to sleep in! I did not brave the long lines and sales because there was nothing I needed, and let's face it- I have NO money until next Tuesday anyway! When I finally got up Britt and I made a trip to Publix. It was so fun seeing all of the Auburn and Alabama fans out and about before the big game-everyone had on either crimson and white or orange and blue! It's weird in one says War Eagle or Roll Tide...that would just be weird...we just smiled at each other and knew what one another meant:)

It soon game time for the most intense rivalry of the season...Auburn versus Alabama. As many of you know, Auburn went into the game 11-0. Britt and I decided to watch the game alone(he and I- no friends). It was a close came, but in the end, Auburn showed the bammers what was up, and we prevailed- 28-27!!!! We now have 366 days of bragging rights...that's right, we get one extra day because the game will be played on a Saturday next year! War Eagle! We've spent the remainder of our evening watching Cop Out (thanks Kathryn, Tyler , Charles, Landon, and David)! 

I intend on going on a run in the morning, but I am not sure that will happen...I did not bring warm running clothes...instead I may stay snuggled in bed while Britt goes to study at the library! We are going for our THIRD Thanksgiving meal with Dad tomorrow afternoon; it should be yummy! 

After this weekend I only have to make it through 3 more weeks until Christmas Break! I will talk with y'all soon....until then WAR EAGLE~~~~~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lately Today

I have not quite gotten this blogging thing down yet...I always forget to do it! 

It has been a great day here in Homewood, AL. I woke up this morning and made blueberry muffins-yummy- for Britt, Kelsey, and myself. After that I did absolutely nothing all day...I was literally in my PJs until 2:00. My sweet brother stopped by to visit and we went and grabbed lunch for Britt and me at Zoe's. It was so good! After lunch I went on a great run and Britt went to the gym. Now I am sitting outside on Britt's back patio enjoying the colorful leaves and nice gentle breeze- what a great way to cool off after a long run! In a little bit I am going to make homemade chili for dinner so it can simmer for a while and let all of the flavors come out...I am seeing a trend has been mentioned 3 times much?? 

As I told you in an earlier post, we are trying to start back on the wedding planning kick. We looked at invitations a couple of weekends ago, and I have been trying to look at napkins and koozies and such. It is all so difficult to decide on "just the right one" for our wedding. I know that our wedding will be one of the most special days of our lives and I want it to be perfect-which I know it will! If anyone has any good suggestions about where to get napkins or koozies let me know! We also began gathering addresses for our invitation list today. We sent messages to most of our-mine and Britt's- friends on FB to get addresses and it has been so fun getting the responses all day. Every time I get a new message I cannot wait to see who it is from and I immediately tell Britt "so and so  just responded" and we both get excited all over again. We are so blessed to have so many friends that we will share our special day with. 

I believe that is all for now. Britt just pulled up from the gym and it's time to shower and start the chili. I am looking forward to another relaxing night with my better half! Have a great Saturday evening. -Jess

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's been a while....

It's been a while! I am enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Britt has been working on his paper for school, I graded my kids' papers, and now I am watching Britt do P90X! We are both trying to shed some lbs before the wedding! 

Yesterday Britt and I went to look at wedding invitations. It was a fun experience because we like the same style invitations! It is nice to know we are on the same page- and that Britt even has an opinion! He is the best! We still have seven months to go, but it is time to start planning the small details. And boy, am I glad?  It was so fun planning all of the big stuff, and when that was finished I had to take a hiatus from wedding planning because there is only so much you can do with so much time left before the big day. Now we can begin the small stuff! 

This week is sure to be a good one because it is a 4 day week!! We have Verteran's Day off- I am very thankful to all of the past and present soldiers fighting for our freedom- on Thursday and unfortunately have to go back to school on Friday. Oh well, any day off is better than none! Time is ticking by...after this week we have a full week of school, then only 2 days and it's Thanksgiving Break! Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

I am off to have pictures taken with my brother and sister...hopefully we will be all smiles when finished...when we were younger it was always a fight to get us all on the same page and looking exactly like Mom wanted us to! Until later, everyone have a fabulous week! 

Love, Jessica