Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Closet Make-over and Atlanta Eats

At the start of every new year people like to get fresh starts. We are no different. We got a fresh start by cleaning out our closets and re-organizing them all. My closet is the feature of today's post. When we found our lovely town home back in April of 2011 the closet space is one thing that sold me. Our house is about 60 years old so I was unsure what the closet situation would be. Thankfully, even back in the day, they put two closets in the "master" bedroom! And one of those closets is a semi-"walk-in" closet. Since I obviously have more clothes {that may or may not actually be true!} that Britt I automatically got the bigger closet. My closet had one wire shelf and a good size "alcove" that is above our stairs that is great for more storage space. We crammed a lot of our extra stuff in the alcove and I rotated my clothes each season since they won't all fit on the one shelf.

Once we started cleaning out all of our closest we finally made our way to mine. We started by just cleaning it's the mess of stuff that was in there.

Then we got an idea to add a shelf to the back part of the little alcove to give me more hanging space. We hopped in the car, drove to our local Lowe's and started shopping for closet organization supplies. About an hour later we had a cart full of new shelving, baskets, a shoe shelf, a rack for scarves, and hooks for my jewelry.
{We also got a new kitchen rug while we were there!}

Here's what the closet looked like before...
Scarves were hung on a plastic coat hanger that looked like it would break at any moment. The one shelf for hanging clothes.
Cleaned out "alcove". The belts were hung on two little nails.
 And then we{Britt} got to work taking out the old shelf. 
 As soon as the shelf was out he started hanging the new shelving. We found this corner shelving and it is great! 
 And added a shelf to the back part of the alcove.
Here's the whole alcove unit!
 Trying to capture the whole shelving unit....
 So we hung the scarf and jewelry racks and added scarves and necklaces to them! Much neater looking.
 We out unused purses and dress-ier shoes in the baskets up top...{you never know when you might need a cowboy hat, huh??}
 Wedges stored on the alcove and pants can finally hang instead of being stacked on the shelf! 
 Boots up top! 
 Flats in the new shoe shelf!
In a couple hours time I got a new closet. Perhaps Britt could start a closet organization business on the side! 

Changing subjects...After Christmas vacation is over we only get off before Spring Break. We both had MLK Day off and so we decided to go to Atlanta and visit with Britt's family for the long weekend. While we were there we ate. That is all. Well, we also visited Grandmommy and Granddaddy for a few minutes. But really, we just ate a lot!
On Friday night we went to Kaleidoscope for dinner. I had the Mahi Tostado. I think I get it every time because it is that good. It is Mahi mahi atop corn tortillas, with green chile grits, and a dollop of guacomole. Yummy!
Saturday we tried out Fox Bros. BBQ for lunch. Britt's parents had been and they along with everyone else, raved about how good it was, so we wanted to try it out ourselves. We had fried pickles to start with. Then I ordered pulled pork with macaroni and cheeses, collard greens, and jalapeno cornbread. Don't judge.
Saturday night we were craving pizza{yes, even after a huge lunch} so we had Mellow Mushroom. A calzone hit the spot. After dinner we enjoyed these little mini bundt cakes Debbie had picked up for dessert. Yum!
Sunday we stayed in Atlanta to watch the Falcons' game and sadly they lost. We came back to Birmingham and and enjoyed the holiday on Monday. That's the extent of our exciting-ness...check back soon for more!