Monday, August 26, 2013

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

So, the lyrics of this Jack Johnson song do not really describe my thoughts and feelings about our baby--obviously. But the title of the song does...I'm {we're} just sitting, waiting, and wishing this baby would decide to come!

Somehow we have already made it {close} to the end of one of the greatest journeys I have ever been on. It's been a 40+ week journey--that's a long time! I honestly don't know where to start. I have contemplated sitting down to write this blog for the past couple of weeks as I knew the end of this time in my life is coming to an end, but I am not sure I can translate all of my thoughts and feelings into words on this page. So here goes nothing.

It seems like just yesterday Britt and I found out we were going to parents for the first time. I vividly remember the exact day and time. It was a Tuesday afternoon, December 18th, around 4:00pm. When we saw a positive sign on the pregnancy test we were shocked, but immediately felt more joy and love than we ever knew possible. And while it seems like just yesterday, it also seems like an eternity ago. I have always heard that pregnancy FLIES by. But I'm not so sure it really flew by for me. I don't mean that in a negative sense either. I am glad that it has seemed to last for a good long while. I have thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of this beautiful journey. I suppose it's because I have been very blessed with an "easy" pregnancy. From the very beginning I have felt great. No morning sickness. No being so tired I couldn't function like a normal human being; I've actually had energy {I have taken my fair share of naps, though}!  No crazy hormonal breakdowns. The baby has been healthy since the first doctor appointment and so have I. The Lord has been with Baby S and me the entire time. I could not be more thankful for such a wonderful experience. In fact, it's been so pleasant that I'm willing to do it 3 or 4 more times {we will have to see if Britt agrees to those numbers}!

This tiny miracle has been growing inside me for 40 whole weeks {and will continue to do so for a few more days}. I am the only person who truly knows Baby S as of now. I am the only one who knows what its pokes and kicks and punches feel like. Britt has felt these sweet movements from the outside, but no one else really knows what our baby feels like. I feel so blessed that God chose me to grow this life inside me. 40 weeks is a long time to share my small body with another human being, but it has been so much fun! Seriously.

All of this being said, I cannot believe it is really time to meet our baby. I have dreamed of this day since December 18, 2012. After our doctor's visit today we are not exactly sure when Baby S will choose to make its grand entrance, and that is a little difficult for me and my Type A personality. I am a planner. I like have to be in control. To not be in control of when this baby comes is killing me! But I am handing it all over to the Lord because it is all in His and Baby S's time that we will get to meet this miracle--kind of. Unless Baby S decides to come sooner, we will meet him/her on next Wednesday, September 4th! We are fully prepared and ready for when the time comes {today, tomorrow, or September 4th}. The nursery is perfect, the car seat is installed, everything has been washed and put away, our bags are packed, etc. All we need now is a baby. Until then, I'll leave you with one last update on this momma-to-be!
Watch me grow from week 4 to week 40...crazy and amazing! 
How far along: 40 weeks

Size of baby: According to, Baby S is about the size of a small pumpkin. The baby weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. I'm hoping that's pretty accurate...I can't imagine birthing a much bigger baby. Thankfully the doctor doesn't seem to think I'm carrying a very big baby.
Weight gain: I've told y'all from the beginning of this journey that I didn't want to gain more than 30-35 pounds. Thank goodness for self-control when it comes to eating, and thank goodness I continued to exercise through the entire pregnancy. I am holding strong at 31-32 pounds. I still weigh myself every morning {much to my despair!} and my weight fluctuates a pound or so depending on what I eat--duh! So, all in all, I am satisfied with my weight gain. I just hope to lose the weight sooner than later once this baby gets here!

Stretch marks: Well, I'm not sure if it's the cocoa butter or my genetics {thanks Momma!}, but I can thankfully still answer "no" to this question. Which ever is responsible, I am forever grateful!

Gender: I'll let y'all know as soon as this baby arrives!

Movement: Baby S is still an active little stinker. I am trying to soak in and cherish every movement I feel. I still love waking up each morning and feeling the baby wake up and start moving too. Feeling the baby move will forever top my list of "coolest things".

Sleep: I have no problem falling asleep. In fact, I fall asleep 5 seconds after my head hits the pillow--literally. The only problem I have with sleep these days is how often I wake up to go to the bathroom. I wake up every 2-3 hours. The good thing is that I can fall right back asleep {as long as it's before 5:00am--after that I am wide awake!}. Maybe my body is just getting me ready to wake up every 2-3 hours to feed this new baby...

Food cravings: Still no weird cravings! Just for fun I ate eggplant parmigiana and spicy Thai food to see if it may induce labor...obviously nothing really works except when the baby decides it's time, but it's still fun to try all the different old wives' tales!

What I miss: Just running. Or exercising. I haven't gotten to go on my walks in an entire month {thanks to the sciatica}. That equates to a lifetime for me. This chick doesn't miss more than one or two days when it comes to exercising, so I am dying to get back to it! I can't wait to take Baby S with me in the BOB! I truly hope he/she loves running as much as I do.

Symptoms: My sciatica is about 95% better! I can finally walk like a normal person again, but my back still hurts a tiny bit so I have been making sure not to over-do-it. I have started having a few contractions, but they are not steady.  I'm just crossing my fingers that it means I am making some progress and Baby S is getting ready to make its debut!

Belly button: It's flat. At the end of the day it pokes out a tiny bit, but it's not an outie by any means.

Wedding rings: Still on!

Maternity clothes: No new news in this department...same maternity shorts, and I still rock my Nike shorts and t-shirts almost daily. I am thankful that all of my beloved Comfort Color tees still fit! I still rotate about 5 or 6 flowy dresses when I go out and about. I am ready to be able to wear all of my clothes again...and I can't wait to go SHOPPING after this baby comes {shopping for normal, CUTE clothes}!

Best moment of the week: Listening to the baby's heartbeat one last time at the doctor this morning! Also, it was exciting to pick an induction date for Baby S {but I hope he/she will come sooner}!

Check back after September 4th to meet Baby S! With much love, jess&britt

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Home for Baby S!

I thought it would never be completely finished, but it is...the baby's nursery is 100% complete! I am so pleased with how it turned out. I think it is beautiful. Obviously I am biased, but still--it really is pretty! It took 8-ish long months to plan, purchase, and put together, but it was so much fun the entire time. I always envisioned an elegant nursery when thinking about where my babies would "live", but it was a little difficult to get my decorator brain rolling when we don't know the sex of the baby. I searched for ideas on Pinterest, and that helped with my inspiration. Now it's finished, so allow me take you on a tour of where Baby S will live!

Looking in from the door.
 Baby's bookshelf...I've told y'all about it before. Look at all of those books our baby already has!  
 This antique baby scale is one of my favorite nursery purchases. We found it in January right after we found out about Baby S, and I I can't wait to use it as a prop in Baby S's newborn photo shoot!
 The mirrored dresser is perfect. Right now it houses blankets, sheets, and nursing supplies. We need some pictures of Baby S for those picture frames, too! 
 I stumbled upon these Beatrix Potter prints way back in February, and they are perfect for a gender neutral nursery. So sweet.
 I said it already, but I am obsessed with our baby bed and the bedding. I found this bed a long time before I ever thought of having a baby. I've always wanted an iron crib, and this one was actually reasonably priced. I found it online, but then I was able to find it at Once Upon a Time in Homewood. Once Upon a Time keeps the beds in stock and sells the bed for a little less than online--score! After I figured out which bed we wanted I searched...and searched...and searched for bedding that was gender neutral and pretty. I discovered the Bella Notte crib bedding on a website called Layla Grayce. I ended up ordering it from Three Sheets in Homewood because I like supporting local businesses if I can. 
 My mom ordered the "Baby" pillow for us. I also found it on Layla Grayce's website. Aunt Nell gave Baby S the pretty cross pillow.  And Sleep Sheep is so sweet! 
 A corner of the nursery.  
 The pink dress was mine, the smocked bubble was Britt's, and my mom found the christening gown at an antique store a while back. Another sweet Beatrix Potter print completes this area.
 I saw an antique wire laundry basket like this on Pinterest and wanted one so badly for our nursery. I searched on eBay and found a few. They cost a pretty penny, but it's fun to splurge on unique items-- right?! 
 My OCD-ness doesn't really like the monitor being on this shelf, but baby's safety comes first! 
 Dresser/changing table! Our baby already has a "noise fan" as we call it in our house {it's otherwise known as a sound or sleep machine}! You all know what the Diaper Genie is ;)
Diapers, wipes, Diaper Genie refills, burp cloths, swaddle me sleep sacks, and some clothes are stored in here!
 These Beatrix Potter plates hung in my brother and sister's nursery 21 years ago. Some things are simply timeless. 
 I think the chandelier makes the room. It's so elegant! 
 The 100+ year old rocking chair that my daddy, my brother and sister, and I were rocked in {obviously other people too if it's 100+ years old, but I'm not sure who else!}. I repainted the chair, Britt's Aunt Judy recovered the cushion, and Britt's Granddaddy "reinforced" it because it was a little wobbly. Now it's good to go!
The rocking/feeding corner! The bunny rabbit lamp was also in my brother and sister's nursery.
We are going to order one of these Old Try prints once we know what Baby S is. It will hang in the empty space beside the rocking chair. 
 Looking at the end of the nursery. 
 And although we have created such a pretty space for Baby S to live in, it will stay in our room in the bassinet for the first few weeks of its life! 
Baby's bathroom...Mom and I found the pretty mason jars at Hobby Lobby {50% off} and they are perfect for cotton balls, q-tips, and bath salts! 
All we need now is a BABY! We can't wait to meet this special gift from God; we are truly thankful and blessed beyond belief that He chose us as this baby's parents! Check back soon--j&b

Saturday, August 3, 2013

So close!

We are getting so close to meeting our sweet baby! I'm not sure how it's possible, but here's one of the last pregnancy updates you'll have to endure...SO soon you will get to read all about our precious baby! Until then, here is another update on me {and the baby}!

How far along: 36 weeks and 5 days...I'll be 37 weeks on Monday!

Size of baby: According to our baby is about the size of a head of romaine lettuce {I still don't get the food comparisons these days}. It weighs about 6 pounds, and gains about an ounce a day! On Monday it will be about the 6 1/3 pounds, a little over 19 inches, and about the size of a bundle of swiss chard. Whew, this baby has got to be running out of room to grow!

Weight gain: Oh lawd. It starts with "th" and rhymes with "dirty".  Seriously. I thought I would die when this day came. It sounds like so much, but I just keep telling myself that I have not gained weight "all over" so it can't be that bad. I will surely lose it semi-easily once the baby is born. Here's to wishful thinking!

Stretch marks: Thankfully the answer to this question is still no. No stretch marks on my tummy {or anywhere else}!

Gender: Eeeeeek, we will know in 23 days!!!

Movement: Duh. All the stinking time. And I still love it. I wish I could explain the movement. I know all you other mommas know what I am talking about! It's just the coolest thing every time I feel its bottom sticking out or an elbow or knee poking out. My favorite is when I feel its little feet kick my side. I'm pretty sure the baby is laying on its side {head down, thankfully}. I also feel lots of little pokes and prods in my left hip. I think thats the baby's hand moving around. I will miss these sweet feeling so much when he/she is born.

Sleep: I can't say it enough. I am thankfully still sleeping through the night {with the exception of potty breaks, but I fall right back asleep}.

Food cravings: Still nothing out of the ordinary.

What I miss: Running. A margarita. Sushi. I haven't been running since sometime in May--but now my walks are even hard! I still walk 2-3 miles most days, but I'm ready to full-on run again. I am thinking about signing up for the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day. I know I will probably most likely not be able to run a half marathon in November after giving birth at the end of August. But if I sign up for it I will at least train for it and be able to walk/run the course. On to margaritas--I have come to the conclusion that I don't really miss wine or beer anymore.  I just miss a good ol' margarita--on the rocks with salt. I think I might have to figure out a way to smuggle one into the hospital. And then there's sushi. I have been to Genki {our favorite sushi place} a couple of times and ordered the Super Crunch roll that's tempura fried, but cooked sushi really can't compare to my favorite sushi rolls. I will also have sushi at the hospital!

Symptoms: Until a week and a half ago I would gladly be able to tell you I really didn't have many symptoms. But Wednesday before we left for the beach I started having sciatic nerve pain when I walked. It was in the left side of my back/hip. It wasn't horrible. {I had experienced it in the first trimester, but it went away after a few days.} I saw the doctor on Friday and told her about it, but she didn't seem too concerned. So we went to the beach. And I hobbled around for the majority of the time. I slowly made my way to the beach and back up each day. It wasn't comfortable, but it was manageable. Then, on Thursday morning I woke up and the pain was in both sides of my back/hips. I literally could barely walk. I thought I was making it up in my head. I asked a few friends about it and found out that it was more common than I thought. I called the doctor and she suggested a prenatal massage. I got one, but it didn't do the trick. Now that we are back in Atlanta I am going to go to a place that is mainly geared toward prenatal massages and get another one. Hopefully one or two sessions there will work the pain out. I do not like being confined to the couch or bed! I have lots left to do in these last 23 days!

Belly button: Flat as a pancake. I hope it stays that way, because it will freak me out if it pops out!

Wedding rings: They're on. But I will surely be glad when the baby comes and  my fingers aren't as swollen.

Maternity clothes: Same as before. Nike shorts and t-shirts. I have a few dresses that I rotate. I'm ready to be back in all of my normal clothes!

Best moment of the week: Being at the beach and spending time with the in-laws! The beach is my happy place! I was worried that the weather would not be great because it has rained ALL summer. But we had beautiful weather Sunday through Wednesday. Thursday it rained so we went to see a movie; we saw The Way Way Back. I recommend it! Then Friday it was pretty again, but we left because of my not being able to walk :(  It is hard to believe that the next time we go to the beach we will have a baby in tow! Here are a few pictures from our year I am sure there will be WAY more ;)
View from our was cloudy the day we got there. 
We walked to the beach to put our toes in the water!
Baby S's first time at the beach :)
Getting ready to lay out the first day. I think I've gotten older because I've started buying SPF 15 instead of SPF 4...
So relaxing! virgin daiquiri and Kelsey's pina colada!
 Feeling like a kid again...enjoying my virgin daiquiri from Crabby Steve's!
 We played lots of cards :)
 Last time we are at the beach as a family of 2!
 Dinner at Stinky's--one of our faves!
The day it rained we headed to a movie. Who else knew there's a nice, new movie theater at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin? Not us...we were pleasantly surprised!
Waiting to eat at George's!
My handsome hubby and me at George's. Love him! 

The Farm Stand Tomato Salad at George's was SO good!
Check back soon to get a look at Baby S's nursery! Love, j&b