Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Day with Jack

At the beginning of the month Britt and I went to Nashville, TN to celebrate our one year anniversary. On the way there we saw an ad for the Jack Daniel's Distillery. We thought it would be fun to stop by on our way home on Sunday. We stopped at the distillery only to find out that they do not have taste tours on Sundays--I guess we forgot we were in the Deep South, the Bible Belt! We decided to go back another day when they offered a taste tour, which brings us back to the present, yesterday (well that's not really the present, but you get the gist)....

On Friday morning Britt and I got ready and headed to Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniel's Distillery. 

We left around 10:30 thinking we would have ample time to get there, eat lunch, and then go reserve our spot for the 2:30 tour. We arrived around 12:30 and decided to go purchase our tickets before lunch...and it's a good thing we did. There were only 3 spots left for the 2:30 tour! It is obviously a popular thing to do on a Friday afternoon. After reserving our spots we headed to the town square to grab a bite to eat for lunch. 

We were in the mood for BBQ so we ate at the Bar-B-Que Caboose Cafe.

The food was pretty tasty! 

After we ate we wandered around the town square for a bit. Britt and I both love old towns that are still alive and functioning! Pictures really can't capture the beauty of a small town's downtown, but I still gave it a shot--

 A side of the square

The Frontier Days Festival was going on in the square.

I'm a sucker for old court houses! 

I'm pretty sure that every store in the square had Jack Daniel's souvenirs...this was certainly not the only one!

The Lynchburg Hardware and General Store front-really the official Jack Daniel's "gift shop"...LOVE.

Jack Daniel's Gift Shop, we found some fun cups and a Christmas ornament in here!

Probably an "antique" store...I just liked its name--Cow Patties! 

You can barely see it, but some old man told us that the house on the hill was Jack Daniel's home. He also told us it's for sale. And that it costs $650 million...he may have had a bit too much Jack to drink...

It was HOT, so we grabbed a sweet treat for the walk back to the distillery.

The tour lasted about an hour and 45  minutes. It was really fun and very educational. We learned a lot about how Jack Daniel's whiskey is made. We also learned  things about Jack Daniel's life that we did not know prior to the tour. For instance, I learned that you can buy an entire barrel of Jack for a nominal fee of $9,000-$12,000...not too bad, ha! 

These are called is the wood that makes the charcoal that the whiskey runs through when being made. 

This is the cool spring where they get the water to make the is a constant 56 degrees in temp. They do not know how far back the cave goes; the farthest a crew got was 1 mile back before the space became too small to pass through. 

 Statue of Mr. Jack himself. This statue depicts him as being 5'7'', but he was actually only 5'2" and wore a size 4 shoe.

 One of the buildings of the distillery

 Not sure if you can tell, but this tree has very black colored bark. The black color comes from the trees being located near the distillery. In prohibition days the law looked for trees with this black coloring to find distilleries. 

 More of the distillery. 

What used to be the Jack Daniel's Whiskey headquarters. 

 This safe inadvertently caused Jack Daniel's death. Long story short, he couldn't open it one morning so he kicked it. It broke his toe which had to be amputated due to infection...that lead to infection in his foot (it had to amputated), then infection got in his leg, you guessed it, it had to be amputated too...then the infection got in his body and he passed away. That whole process took 6 years! 

The Fire Brigade

Our tour guide telling us about this old fire truck...'s an REO Speed Wagon. It's cool because this is brand that inspired the band REO Speedwagon's name and logo! 

 One of the Barrel Houses on the grounds...this one only holds 6,059 barrels of whisky. The other one holds over 20, 000.

 Tasting Jack Daniel's No. 7--I really don't like straight whiskey. I gave Gentleman's Jack a try too, but passed up on the Single Barrel Whiskey. Britt, of course, liked all three! 

 Us in the "tasting room"

 World's largest bottle of's bigger than me! 

 The original bar...

 This is for Granddaddy! 

Our personalized bottle of Gentleman's Jack! 

 Me outside the visitor's center

 A nice man volunteered to take our picture!

Before we left we stopped and got some Jack Daniel's Whiskey fudge and a Diet Coke for the car ride home. It was a great choice! 

After the tour we were extremely exhausted from a day full being on the go, but fun was had by all! 

Until next time...
-j and b

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday was a great day. Britt and I woke up and decided we wanted to play tennis. We needed to squeeze in a little cardio since we knew we'd be eating so much yummy food for dinner--why not have some fun while exercising? We changed into some tennis-playing appropriate clothes and grabbed our rackets and headed to the Homewood Park courts. Now, I played tennis  in high school for one year (I was NOT very good at all) and Britt has played a little here and there with his family. But we had not ever played tennis together so it was something new and fun to do! 

All the necessary equipment! 

I haven't played in years, but it was fun! 

We played first person to win 6 games. I won the first game, but had no such luck after game 1-- Britt won the next six games. He did not win the last game without a battle, though. I played hard and kept it close--the last game lasted for a quite some time before Britt finally aced his last serve to pull out the victory! 

The rest of the day was quite busy. I visited my Poppy since it was Father's Day. Then I came back home to tidy up the house and prepare for dinner with my Daddy. Thankfully that was not a task that was solely on me. I am so thankful that Britt is willing to help when it comes to cleaning the house!  

Oh yeah,  I almost forgot! I had this for lunch!! What southerner doesn't love a good tomato sandwich?

Dad, Ashton, and Brooks joined us for dinner to honor Daddy. Britt thinks I'm crazy for going to such extremes when we have family over, but I told him that since we don't have kids yet I have to use occasions like these to get my craftiness craving fix! We all enjoyed each other's company, cute decorations, good beer, and great food! Here are some photos for proof!! 


And now I plan to spend the rest of the week doing NOTHING--which translates into reading the last Hunger Games book by the pool each day. We'll check back in soon. Have a great week!

-j and b