Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chronicles of Christmas 2015: Part I

Our December was quite eventful, so I'm splitting the post into three parts in hopes of it not being too lengthy...enjoy Part I! 

Christmas with a toddler is an experience I am forever grateful for. It is so special to see all of the holiday festivities through the eyes of a child. We had a full schedule for most of December. We packed a lot into a few weeks, and I will cherish the memories we made forever. 

We kicked off the holiday season with a visit to see Santa Claus at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. Chapman held it together, but the look on his face is like "Mom, please get me off of this man's lap!". 

I am a real-Christmas-tree kinda girl, and I personally like going to tree lot to find a tree. We found a place on the island that had pretty trees and great prices! We ended up getting the first tree we looked at--that never happens in our house! Chapman had such a great time running around the tree lot and looking at the lights!
The finished product! 

One thing I like about living in small town is the parades! The first weekend of December we watched the Brunswick Christmas Parade. Chapman was very into the floats. He had a few favorites and kept pointing to them as they went by. It was sweet to see him get so excited. I've included a few of my favorite photos from the day!
 Chapman caught his own candy! 
 This one's for Britt! 
 He was admiring the floats as they passed by! 
 Oooohhh, I like that float, Mommy!
 No Christmas parade is complete without Santa on the firetruck. 
 Daddy's shoulders are the perfect viewing spot! 
 After the parade we went to lunch, but this little one couldn't hang with us. 

The second weekend of December DeDe and Grandy came down, and we took Chapman to ride the St. Mary's Christmas Express. It was a fun experience! 
Alllll aboard! 
Santa and his helper! 
We stopped to watch a production of "The Grinch"! 

Chap decided that the middle of our busy Christmas schedule was a good time to get sick.  After a trip to the doctor, we determined he had strep throat. Apparently children under 2 years old don't generally get strep throat, so the doctor was shocked when his strep test came back positive--I was kind of relieved, though, because it meant he didn't have the flu! This was the first time he has truly not felt well. He's had HFM and an ear infection, but that was nothing compared to how sick he was with strep. Thank goodness he was well in time for Christmas week! 

He loved these reindeer glasses that one of my students gave me. He died laughing every time I put them on him! 

Many thanks to my mom for lending me her cute Christmas sweater for our bible study tacky Christmas oyster roast! For some reason the only evidence I have of my tacky cute sweater is a selfie...oh well.

We spent a Saturday in Savannah celebrating Foster's first birthday! Mrs. Marian is practicing for when she has two grandbabies to hold!
Happy Birthday Foster! 
Chapman thought the ball pit was so much fun. 

I've always wanted to go to a live nativity, but never have--until this year. Saint Simons Presbyterian puts on a live nativity, and the children did a beautiful job of reenacting the Christmas story. {Unfortunately, we missed the "showing" with the live animals!} Chapman was so interested in the whole production; it was the sweetest thing to watch. 

I had a grand plan to make a pretty gingerbread house this year...and then I realized I had a toddler as my helper! As fast as I could put a piece of candy on the house, Mr. Chapman was taking off a piece. Britt and I worked as fast as we could to decorate the house, so it didn't turn out as beautiful as I had hoped, ha! But I suppose the memories are all that matter anyway!

Out of all of the things that remind me of Christmas--baking cookies is one of my favorites. I was excited to begin a tradition of baking Christmas cookies with Chapman this year. I found a great cookie recipe a few years ago, but I've never been able to find the perfect icing recipe. Thankfully, a friend on Facebook shared her recipe, and it was exactly what I'd been looking for. Chapman was the best little helper, and our cookies turned out top notch--Santa told me so ;)
Stay tuned for Part II of Chronicles of Christmas 2015! 

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