Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chapman's First Easter!

We celebrated Chapman's first Easter a couple of weekends ago. As usual, I took lots of pictures to document the fun happenings of the weekend! 
Chapman and I had to run in Swoozie's for something, and we found these bunny ears. I tried them on him and he seemed to like them, so of course we bought them! 
This has to be one of my favorite pictures of him! 

Cutest little bunny I've ever seen :)

Friday before Easter we visited the Easter Bunny. Chapman wasn't too sure about him; I'm just glad he didn't cry. 

Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs. 
But before dying the eggs we browsed through a book about Easter eggs.

He looks so big in this pictures to me. 

Getting ready to dye our eggs...

Daddy helped Chapman dye the eggs! 

Waiting on the eggs to dye! 

We wrote the Easter Bunny a note and left him some carrots...
The Easter Bunny came to see Chapman!

He left Chapman a note, too!

It looks like Chapman was a good little boy ;)

Sunday morning we went to church to hear the Easter story! 

After church we went to Britt's parents' for lunch. 
 I got to meet Baby Annalise! 

 Daddy helped Chapman on the Easter egg hunt!

Getting four little ones to look at the camera at the same time is comical! 

But I think we did pretty good to get this shot :)

My mom came through town for work, so we got to see her for a little bit too!

Holidays are so much fun now that we have Chapman....but they are a lot more tiring too!

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